Sen Triplets

I have been working on a deck that has the card named Sen Triplets. The card allows you to play out of other peoples hands and on your turn they can’t cast anything so a very OP card.

This card,  you might notice, makes me have to play all colors of Mana so I have to add cards like chromatic lantern. This deck is a fun one and has people wondering. Lots of cards that are in here are in inexpensive and sen triplets is the bug banger at $50-%60 Now that is a lot I know.

Here are some other cards

those are some of the cards in the deck now I will show you how it is supposed to work

  1. life land
  2. Hero of Precinct One
  3. Chromatic Lantern
  4. Sen Triplets
  5. play out of your hand
  6. play out of our hand/ more hero’s
  7. Sphinx Summoner reaction make 4 3/3 flyers
  8. hit for so much damage
  9. game over/repeat

So that is how this deck is made to work. It does have bad games but over all it is very fun to play. Next time a will talk about Pandemic the board game, except it is legacy so we tear up cards and white out rules.






My Atlantis water trip

So this post is a little of topic because it is about spring break and my trip. My trip was to Atlantis the water park we did lots of cool things.

we swam with  sea loins I ate 15 pies of bacon and jumped of this strait drop 30 times.

We first went to the sea loins they were smooth and had a very loud bark. The bark was like a wolf , and basically told people not to do that (great pool guards). we took pictures and went in a 13 feet pool with them they were fun and the trainers even showed them how to smile yeah smile.

The next thing I did was went on the strait drop water slide 30 times. It is so fast you feel like your flying literally. You come out like a bullet and a big splash, but watch out the next person is right behind you Aaaa get out of the pool, out!!

when I ate 15 pies of bacon it was a mistake well my mom said to get bacon so I got some. Lots of bacon after that breakfast (also with a cinnamon roil, and donut,) I was done with bacon for a while.

Hope you enjoyed next time I will be back on topic, hopefully…


My Favorite Magic Set

My favorite magic set is thone of eldrane. The reason I like it so much is that it has a cool storyline. The story is around the royal sionse which is will and rowan (will is rowan’s brother) saving the whole relm.  The problem is almost evey one else is dead or has some other stuff to attend to.  the set has some cool cards that are on the screen now.

there is faerie and another is a knight. Beast and Zombie knights are also in the set. Not to count the other cool factions in TOE (Throne of eldrane.

Star City Games Decks and trip

One of the new decks I have been making is a black blue mana discard deck. It has lots of cards to make you discard your hand or your cards one by one.

cards in the deck include..

Rankle master of pranks


The haunt of Hightower

And Thief of sanity  

The main thing in the deck is to make the person your playing with at first discard bad cards and work your way into their really good cards.
Some of the other decks I made are this mono black and gruul gods a green red deck here are some of the cards in those decks. Some are the new cards from Theros beyond Death gods.

The other Big magic thing that happened was that I went to star city games. The biggest magic co in the eastern U.S.A. I was able to pic up lots of cards that I had wanted and had a  great time taking a road trip with my family. It is in Roanoke Virginia, a small town. The other things I did where was visit the museum of transportation, and saw lots of big trains.

I have been looking for other deck ideas as well as new combos for them.



A new way to play Magic

.Well the January of 2020 has had us with a new set Theros Beyond Death.

With this new set there is escaping. Escape is like way to get your creatures back from the grave and brig them back, in some cases bigger and better than before! How you do this is you must pay the escape cost which is mana plus exiling other cards. So not all your cards can come back with you.


Other than that this set is like any other set. Now I am going to show you some of the cards that I have run into.

The top five cards I have run into.


# 5  Elspeth the suns nemesis is a very solid plains walker unfortunately she does not compete with the other plainswalkers in this set. but is solid never the less.


Taranika The Akroan veteran is a good legendary and does not get a good amount of praise. for three mana 3/3  with when it attacks a creature ( that is attacking probably ) a 4/4 and has indestructible and vigilance with is amazing and good.


#3  Asealk which is the other plainswalker in this set . she has a plus ability and a very good card over all. The -11 is very good and like I said a very good plainswalker over all.


#2 Keora beats the sea god definitely earns  place number 2 on this list.  and is a complete game winner with it’s  8/8 with hexprof.  Now if that was not enough this cards taps all creatures your enemies control one turn later so a free swing with your 8/8.  After that you get a creature of your enemy’s to use to beat them.

#1  Athreos the shroud veiled this god is a god this guy is insane and mad. You can get one of your creatures to have life after death and come right back not to your hand not 3’d card Battlefield on the battlefield.

so those are the best cards of  Theros Beyond Death I found so far.

My Christmas gaming Fun!

over the Christmas break I had a lot of free time. Luckily I got lots of magic cards to make decks with so I am going to show you my favorite deck I made. so the basic deck idea is this Clone this card that I got called questing beast

Questing Beast

so you get busting beast with a card called Neoform and play it now it is cloning time!

so you use mirror mockery to make copies in combat and spark double to make forever ones.

Now you use progenitor mimic to copy spark double (with is questing beast with  +1/+1 ) so now you get a free questing beast for free every turn so you bombard your enemy for all magic game and if questing beast gets destroyed no problem you use clear the mind of regenasis easy so I like this deck a lot.

one of my other newest decks are my Rowan deck witch is premade and my knight deck (not premade.)

some of the board games I played over the break include forbidden stars, Mansions of Madness and watched movies like Alita battle angel and the mummy. My next post I don’t know what I am going to write about, Maybie I will do one about Mansions of madness. That is what I will prolly do, anyway next time to mansions of madness the board game.

My top 5 favorite video games

5. Dishonored is a very bloody game which is probably not good for people under the age of 12

4. Assigns creed odyssey this is also not a game for people under the age of 12 but has great art and is awesome


3. Frost punk is a game where you have to create a civilization out of a world were everything is snowy great game.

2. Battlefront 2/ mtg arena. It used to be battlefront and I played that longer but mtg is now my 2nd favorite game.

1. Minecraft/ Fortnite Minecraft and Fortnite are tied and both are good games so hard to tell which is better. Minecraft is good in that you can make awesome stuff, and on Fortnite is a fast action packed game that I don’t play as much anymore but I probably play Frost punk more than Minecraft or Fortnite.


Thanks for reading!!

Unmatched The Card Game

Hello and welcome to unmatched the card game. This is basically Medusa Vs king Arther Vs Alice in wonderland Vs sinbad.


 This game you can learn how to play on YouTube. It needs 2 players and is better the more players you have. The game is very simple. All you do is you move you hero and play attack and defense cards. This is more a card game than it is a board game but this does push it. So you will chose a side of the board and all the players play completely different, so this is not like other games like Kemet. Kemet is a whole another thing so I might add a post about it anyway. Kemet is a good game too.


So this game is super fun and I think you should play it




The Rules of Magic Part 3

Now I will list all the ability’s  you see on your cards…

Vigilance: you don’t need to tap when attacking.

Flying: the thing can’t be blocked by creatures without flying or reach.

Reach: can block thing with flying (but does NOT have flying)

Deathtouch: you need only 1 point of damage to kill the creature

First Strike: the creature with first strike deal combat damage before the other ( like if a 2/2 blocked a 3/2 but the 2/2 has first strike than the 3/2 would die and the 2/2 would still be alive. )

Double Strike: it has first strike and deals one more attack like this ( if a 7/7 attacked and a 6/8 blocked but the 6/8 has Double Strike then after the first attack the 7/7 would have 1 hp but the 6/8 still has another attack killing the 7/7)

trample: the creature deals more damage if the full attack damage was not nullified( like a 4/4 attacked and a 2/2 blocked the 2/2 would die and the 4/4 would deal 2 damage to what it was attacking.

Lifelink: however much damage the thing with Lifelink deals you gain that much life.

Haste: the thing can tap the turn it is put into the battlefield

Well that is it if you run into a thing and I have-not listed it here than feel free to tell me about it in the commits or look it up, and have a merry Christmas!! In 2019!!

The Rules of Magic part 2

So you have a deck and you need to learn a bit more. First you need to learn how to play a card. so lets say you get a card like this

that means in the top right hand corner it said’s to cast it you need that star looking thing and 1 gray dot. what that means is you need one plains

and one gray. Gray means any land. You can only play one land per turn.So that is land.

Now for attacking. To attack You tap your creature by turning it side ways and then your opponent blocks. You do not need to tap when you block. When you block you need to place your creature on top and decide combat damage.

First you look at the attack value and defense value. let’s put on an example like this let’s say that . 2/2 attacked a 3/3 Well the first value is the attack value is 2. that means is dishes out 2 damage. You need to have at lest 3 damage to kill the 3/3,

because in the next value is how much health it has. In this case a 3/3 has 3 health. So in this case the 3/3 would kill the 2/2. The person with the 2/2 would put it in the discard pile and end the combat phase. Last thing You can always take the damage and reduce your life total = to the attack value of the attacking creature. in part 3 we will rap up the rules with ability’s.